Brainstorming While Texting

We have all heard and seen how texting or talking on the phone is not a good thing when you are driving. The other day I saw a video on msn news that showed a lady texting while walking through a mall and she walked right into a huge fountain. That leads me to believe that texting while walking can also not be a good idea. So when can texting be a good thing, or for that matter talking on the phone.  Well let me tell you a little story. I have been kind of stuck to where to take an assassination scene. I knew I wanted there to be an attempt and I knew I wanted it to be foiled. The only thing missing and it was a biggie was the mechanics of the whole thing. How would it happen. For days I have been struggling with this and with life getting in the way I have not had time to really sit down and look at it. That brings me to tonight. I am sitting in my car having just left my daughters first band concert, when a writing buddy texts me. (I wasn’t driving, hubby was) Anyway she has a dilemma of her own. She poses a question and we bat it around for a bit. I mention my dilemma, so we bat it around for a bit, but come full circle to hers. We finally solve it and she asks if I am okay. I reply in the affirmative although there are still minor details to work out. So we go back and forth some more till I come up with a cool solution that I think will work really well. Now all I have to do is write it. We even text a solution to that, in about fifteen minutes we are going to do a word war on our computers. So besides getting a solution I will also get it written, all thanks to brainstorming while texting. Go for it, it can be a great way to get out of being stuck and communicating with friends in a safe and orderly fashion. So more brainstorming while texting. Go for it.

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