Palace of theTwelve Pillars is the title of a series of books as well as the first novel in the series.

I have been asked why I chose this title for the series and the first novel, although it did happen in reverse, so I guess I should say first novel and then series. Anyway on first thinking and response to this question, I would have said, I don’t really know, it just came to me. Or should I clarify God  gave it to me and I didn’t realize until further speculation why He chose this title. Now I will try to share some of that with you.

Twelve Pillars is a series of fantasy stories about the inhabitants on the imaginary planet of Ramajadin, in the imaginary countries of Crato and Mahorg on a distant planet. The series is directed at Young Adults and all have a spiritual theme running throughout. In each of the novels in the series we see a different set of young people (although they are all related) facing the trials of a young teen in a medieval world. They are forced to face evil and make decisions based on their faith or lack thereof.  Princes, princessess, kings and queens along with the wizards and adepts and a cast of beings all deal with a world very similar to our own where evil and good make a daily appearance and lure us into their respective webs with all their promises. Each teen will embark on a journey to adulthood as he/she makes the choices based on what they know.

You are probably still asking why Palace of the Twelve Pillars. The easy answer, that is the palace in the royal city of Wryzburg and is where the good king lives and reigns. Now for the more difficult answer. Besides being home to the king and his family it is also the base for their religion, a faith very similar to our Christianity. The twelve pillars, like the twelve apostles of Christ, represent the twelve disciples of the Cratonite and Mahorganite faith. The twelve pillars or apostles if you will are the foundation on which their faith as well as my own is built.

Through our Bible or their Annals of Time all that is needed to live this life or theirs can be found. With these tools their faith as well as our own is molded.

This series of novels is written as a guide for young people to find their way through the trials of life and learn to rely on God (Asha).

All for the Glory of God


Palace of the Twelve Pillars