Q is for Quest

Q is for Quest. I am one of the authors participating in the Ultimate Reading Quest.

I will borrow the infomation from the website.

The ULTIMATE READING QUEST is about finding books that are “perfectly” suited to your reading taste.

On each page, read the question and click on a button to answer it. That will lead you to find great new books and authors in genres that you enjoy. Best of all?  If you can figure out the mystery message, you can win the GRAND MYSTERY PRIZE! 

Teach your students about reading genres and help them find new authors!http://wp.me/P3RLHq-jJ #jointhequest #A4kyds #CR4U


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Stop on over and check it out  before it is over. There are a bunch of great authors and books waiting to be discovered in your Quest to find a great read.


P is for Procrastinate

P is for Procrastinate. I have a confession to make I am a world class procrastinator. I am a published author so you would think I have this writing schedule thing down. That I spend my days with a pen in hand or hovering over the keyboard scribbling away at some life-touching work of art. That couldn’t be further from the truth. I believe I have mastered the art of procrastination. My fingers may be hovering over the keyboard, but the next great American novel is not what is seen on the screen. Instead you are likely to see Facebook or a chat window with one of my friends or colleagues. I even sink to playing video games (although I can’t knock them too much since I am writing a couple).

So many days my goal to write, to not procrastinate gets sidetracked with procrastinating. But still I muddle through and I do have published works and have at least four other novels in various stages of completion as well as working on the video games and other projects like this blog post. Maybe not the most optimal plan for completing my life’s passion, but it is getting done. Maybe other writers do it without procrastination, but my new take on things; Each to his/her own. As for my dragons and I we will do better, but we may never totally eliminate procrastination in our writing life, for it is part of who we are.

Now I’m off to write a story about teenage revolt. See you at Q.


O is for Ordinary

O is for Ordinary. Today I am going to take a little side trip from my usual posts about my books.

For one of my current wip’s I have been researching Jesus’s twelve apostles. In my research it has become very evident that the twelve men Jesus chose to be his apostles were very ordinary men and very similar to me. It was only with the help of the Holy Spirit that those men were able to rise above the ordinariness of their lives and become what Jesus knew they could be.

Those same truths hold true in my own life. I question how God can use my work to His ends. Then I realize that; it’s not for me to determine what God will work with. If God has called me to do something I am sure that He knows just how that will work. It is up to me to have faith that God will see it through. He will make this ordinary person, extraordinary.