Bathsheba: The Beloved Wife




When the wife of Uriah heard that her husband had died, she mourned her lord. But once
the mourning was over, David sent for her and brought her into his house. She became
his wife and bore him a son. But the Lord was displeased with what David had done.
“The Lord on his part has forgiven your sin: You shall not die. But since you have utterly
spurned the Lord by this deed the child born to you must surely die.” Then, David
comforted his wife Bathsheba. He went and slept with her; and she conceived and bore
him a son, who was named Solomon. The Lord loved him… (2 Samuel 11:26-27, 12: 13
14, 24, NAB)
In Bathsheba, we again encounter a woman who had very little control over the
circumstances of her life. Women in biblical times had very little say about their lives.
What they could control was their response to their situations. Unlike Michal, Bathsheba
Women of the Bible: A Study Weigand
did not become a bitter, angry woman. Instead, she chose to love and forgive. She also
turned to God and God rewarded her with a son who would be the next king.
Several years ago, my daughter did something that went totally against everything
I believed and thought I had taught her. I thought I was responding in love and doing all
the right things in response to the situation. Then a few years ago, I had a metanoia
moment, when I realized I had forgotten the most important thing. I had not forgiven her,
I had not forgiven myself and I had not asked or given God forgiveness. Although life
had moved on there was still blackness in my heart. I had to forgive and ask forgiveness.
Only then could I move on to true love and compassion.

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Princess Enit, Prince Airyn and Gorou

Sanctuary of Nine Dragons 333x500This week Myrria thought it would be nice for you to meet Prince Airyn, Princess Enit and Gorou. These three along with Airyn’s step siblings Tomas and Ciara are the next generation. One wonders if it will be left up to them to save Ramajadin if Brandan and Joachim cannot, and if it does will they be ready?


Prince Airyn/Aaron: Son of Maeve and Joachim. He is kidnapped and disappears when he is an infant.  A magic spell is cast on him so that he will not be recognized and he is left in the care of a knight in Joachim’s army. He stutters when he is afraid or nervous which is most of the time, especially around his younger more talented brother. He champions the underdog and befriends a crippled Mantion. He attends the school for knights and adepts but does not think he belongs there, but instead should be tending a farm somewhere. His younger brother bullies him and he tolerates it although if severe enough or directed at his friend is quick to anger and strikes back. Unfortunately he usually comes out the loser in the confrontation so he has learned to control his anger.

Princess Enit: Daughter to Maeve and Joachim and twin sister to Airyn. Although a coddled and protected princess she chafes at the constraints placed on her by her position.

She is much like her father in her stubborn bull headed behavior. She does thing s without thinking and has to endure the consequences of her decisions. She resents her father’s lack of attention to her and his unceasing search for her missing brother. The one thing she longs for, desires the most is his love and attention. She is head strong.

Gorou: Son of the Mantion, Derdrom. He is the underdog. He has a short leg which causes him to limp. In spite of his infirmities he is a gentle loyal friend.  He cares for sick animals as well as people and is in training to be a healer at the same school that Aaron and his siblings attend. Most of the time he does not let the fact that he is picked on bother him. But he will jump to Aaron’s aid if he sees that Aaron is being pushed too far. He may appear cowardly and wimpy but behind that mask is a fighter and loyal friend.


Mary Magdalene

51vK90XiXDL._SX331_BO1,204,203,200_Wednesday July 22 was the feast day of Mary Magdalene. To honor her and give us all something to think about  I am sharing the last section in my chapter Mary Magdalene: The Dispossessed Woman from Women in the Bible: A Study.


Read and Contemplate John 20: 1-2, 11-18

Mary was the first to witness the risen Christ. Throughout

Jesus’ suffering and bloody death, the intensity of Mary’s faith

never diminished and at the resurrection, Mary witnessed Jesus

in another form, no longer subject to the laws of the flesh. Jesus

was ready for a new mode of existence and a new set of

relationships. Jesus had moved from the temporal to the eternal,

but was still alive and active.

Questions to Ponder:

  1. Do I seek Jesus in love?
  2. Do I search for fulfillment in earthly beings instead of


  1. Do I pray for a heart overflowing with thanks and give

Jesus my life?


Mary loved Jesus. She was fortunate to know the love and

fulfillment that comes from loving Jesus. A relationship with Jesus is

the deepest, most intimate relationship we can have. Women tend to

feel that if they do not have a great love in human form they are

missing something. They close themselves off from Jesus and what

He offers. All they have to do is look to Jesus. Jesus offers

something that cannot be found with humans.

A love for Jesus is based on faith first and needs an emotional

element. With many of us, our faith remains intellectual leaving out the

heartfelt. We know what Jesus did for us, but do not FEEL why He

did it. Through Mary Magdalene we see, it is possible to have this love.

Mary’s love was deeper than a parent’s love for a child. She refers to

Jesus as My Lord, implying her personal ownership of His Love. Mary

Magdalene gives us historical proof, if we seek Jesus in love, He will

reveal Himself to us. All we need to do is pray for a heart overflowing

with thanks and give Jesus our life.



Lord Jesus, I am not worthy of your love and compassion. I thank

you for all you have given to me and I offer it up to you in glory and praise

of you and your father. Let me be like Mary Magdalene and love you with

all that is I. Let me find in you what I cannot find in things of this world.

Let me live as one of yours for all eternity. Amen


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